Collection: Warmies

Warmies for Kids

Welcome to the cozy world of American Farm Company's Kids Warmies collection. Perfect for snuggle time, these adorable farm animal warmies are designed to provide comfort and warmth to your little ones. Each warmie, from the soft brown and white cow to the cuddly highland cow, is crafted with care, ensuring a safe and soft companion for children. Embrace the farmyard fun with characters like chickens, pigs, horses, donkeys, and lambs, all in plush form, ready to bring a smile and a warm hug to bedtime routines.

Cozy Companions from the Farm

Explore a delightful range of plush farm animal warmies, each with its own charm.

Brown and White Cow Warmie

Snuggle up with the comforting presence of our brown and white cow warmie, soft and perfect for bedtime.

Chicken Warmie

Bring home the cheer with our chicken warmie, a fluffy friend for your little ones to hold close.

Pig Warmie

Delight in the soft embrace of our pig warmie, crafted for cuddles and comfort.

Horse Warmie

Gallop into a world of imagination with our horse warmie, a loyal companion for adventurous dreams.

Donkey Warmie

Enjoy the sturdy and sweet company of our donkey warmie, a plush pal ready for bedtime stories.

Black and White Cow Warmie

Embrace the classic farm look with our black and white cow warmie, ideal for soothing snuggles.

Highland Cow Warmie

Experience the unique charm of our highland cow warmie, with its distinctive plush and cozy feel.

Lamb Warmies

Settle down with the soft and serene lamb warmies, perfect for peaceful sleep.

American Farm Company's Kids Warmies collection offers a cuddly range of farm-themed plush toys, designed to bring comfort and joy to your children's lives. These warmies are not just toys; they're a warm embrace from the farm to your home.