About American Farm Company

American Farm Company is an Iowa-based company owned by local farmers and cattle feeders, Brennan and Rachel Granstra. Both coming from generational farming families, Brennan and Rachel embrace what it truly means to be American Farmers.

American Farm Company began as a blog in 2018 as Rachel navigated being a stay-at-home twin mom and farm wife, and over the years it has blossomed and turned into the brand it is today! Our warehouse is located in the small rural town of Hospers, Iowa and we employ over 20 women from the local community! Our items are all designed, pressed or screen printed, fulfilled and shipped from our warehouse in Iowa. We support and use other American businesses to create products and marketing tools that we cannot do ourselves such as printing our high quality plastisol ink transfers, printing our tagging and advertisement cards, making our cookbooks, and so much more!

We are passionate about creating and offering products for the Modern American Farmer. We believe that our products give farmers the opportunity to have conversations about their profession and highlight how important farming is to the economy and all Americans. We believe that if we can create a connection between the farmer and the consumer - we can bring about a new confidence in American Agriculture.

That is how we truly believe we can Support Farmers every single day.

At American Farm Co, my faith, family, and love for farming shape my life and vision. As part of a farming family for generations, I take pride in providing for fellow Americans through our lifelong commitment. I've experienced the highs and lows of family farming, cherishing the ability to support loved ones and community. Farming flows through my veins, fueled by daily grace. Each day, I wake with honor, serving my family, working alongside our crew, and teaching my girls the value of hard work. American Farm Co represents the collective efforts of hardworking men and women like me, highlighting the dedication of our farmers and ranchers who feed us daily.

Promoting my husband's work and our community's efforts is natural for me. With God's grace and the right mindset, we nurtured the seed of thought, growing it into American Farm Co over the years.