What are the latest trends in farm-inspired clothing for women?

The Allure of Farm-Inspired Fashion for Women

In the last five to six years, we've seen our America make several significant changes. Regardless of whether you see it as good or bad, one thing is certain: Americans need to unite more than we need to divide. So, let's start with something we can all agree on. Americans love food. We love to eat, and all areas of these wonderful United States has their own food specialties. And since we all love our foods, one group out there makes it possible whether you're eating a homemade meal, buffalo wings, seafood, a steak, a salad, or an artisinaly crafted hamburger. That's right, we're talking about our American Farmers and Ranchers!

Current Trends in Farm-Inspired Women's Clothing

We feel that this love for food that goes beyond the survival of our human species is one of the biggest reasons we've started to see an uptick in farm-inspired, heartland, and rural clothing popularity. For us Farm Wives, it's easy to see why it's so popular. We have the love and respect engrained in our hearts each and every waking moment. For others slightly outside of the farming life, they too -  know the hardships that farmers face, and that alone is usually enough to solidify their support. Knowing the struggles, sadly, isn't enough to keep the American Farming industry alive and thriving. Americans need to share their knowledge and wear their pride in these amazing people. That's one of the backbone missions of American Farm Company. We want to shine a light on the American farming industry so that it keeps growing!

Since our Farmers wear our products, and their friends and families in the field do, too, we're making sure each item is farm-tough to stand up to the rigors of daily farm life! So, we take the traditional styles and add our own unique twists that allow you to wear your Farm pride out working, out on the town, or just staying cozy at home on those chilly mornings.


USA Clothing

American Farm Company apparel has grown from a handful of tees for Farm Moms to an entire line of Hoodies, T-Shirts, Crewnecks, Pajamas, and so much more! You can outfit not just the family but the whole town and still struggle to find a duplicate design! We’ve even been able to source a small handful of USA Made clothing but regardless of where the pieces come from, you can rest assured that the design, labor and shipping all is within the United States borders! We take the utmost pride in employing dozens of our small town community to help our customers!

Graphic Tees and Casual Wear

It’s been amazing to see the different products that our customers flock towards. From our best-selling cookbooks to our kids' pajamas and even our home goods. However, one thing remains constant. Our great graphic tees and our cozy, casual wear always hit the top of everyones list. That’s one thing that you can always count on with AFC, fresh designs that are attached to products that can withstand the rigors of farm life while also still being cozy enough to sit around the shop wearing or resting your eyes at the end of a long day. I feel that the popularity of our graphic tees and casual wear speak to the fact that our customers, while they do work hard day in and day out, know that they can come home to a comfortable home with a great meal and do it while being comfy in their own American Farm Company clothing. This is something that makes so many of us at the warehouse smile when we hear from our people how much they and their farmers love what we are doing!


Shopping Guide and Style Tips: Where to Shop for Farm-Inspired Clothing

In the past year, two things have been flying off the shelves to the point that we've had to set up a direct line with our distributors. Our Farm Hair Clips and our Kids Farm Pajamas. Every new design that we come up with either sells out in minutes or it's down to single-digits in our inventory before we have a chance to restock. These super cute women's hair clips are TOUGH, and that's one thing Farm Moms need is something that won't break when you drop it or when your daughter "borrows" it for a little bit. Our Farm Kid Pajamas are long-lasting, super comfy, and yes...the designs are adorable. All the things you and your kiddos want in PJ's!

As we unite with our shared love of food through the efforts of our American Farmers, it's essential to know that we're doing more than bonding over a meal. We are working hard to strengthen the bonds of the entire United States of America at a badly needed time. So, as people shop through our products and see some amazing Patriotic Clothing they like, they are likely going to tell a story to their friends, family, or neighbors about their clothing, and they know how important the work done by our Farmers is. Thus passing the key of knowledge down the street and so on and so forth. 

Something else amazing we've seen is the pick-up of our American Farm Company items on our wholesale side. This means there's a greater chance of you coming across some great AFC gear at your local shops and boutiques. We've been blessed to connect with over 1,000 shops that mix online sales with brick-and-mortar shops! 

Styling Tips for Farm-Inspired Outfits

Wherever you might find American Farm Company clothing, one question we get from time to time is, “How do your products mix with all our other clothing?” To answer that, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and designed some really great accessories for your day-to-day so you can always have a great, cozy, and cute way to showcase your support for the American Farmers. Whether it’s ditching the old tumblers you can get at the grocery store for one of our great AFC Tumblers or mixing up your daily apparel with one of our hottest sellers, our Hair Clips, there are lots of ways to keep your daily style and still show off your farm pride! And since we’re located in Northwest Iowa, you know we’ve got options for the cold and windy days! Our hoodies, jackets, and boots are always in high demand when the temperature drops!

Future Trends in Farm-Inspired Fashion

As we look into the future and see the trends that could make their way towards the heartland, one thing is certain - comfort and simplicity will never go away. These needs don’t fade and we’re doing our best to make sure our designs stay just as long and strong as possible. The work doesn’t end, and the need for incredible farm-inspired apparel isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it’ll be getting stronger as the awareness needs of our Farmers and Ranchers increase. So, even if you don’t live on a farm or have a family member who does, you’ll need to help us all highlight the fantastic efforts of those who put food on your plate daily. 


What makes farm-inspired clothing stand out?

  • It all starts where we are. We’re based in the midwest, right in the heartland. We saw an immediate need to tell the story of the American Farmers and make sure the world knows how important they are.

Where can I buy authentic farm-inspired accessories?

  • Outside of our main website, we are blessed to partner with over 100 online shops and boutiques. If you have a shop in town that you think should sell AFC Gear, have them reach out and we’d love to chat with them!
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